Silk Road Traveler

Silk Road Traveler

Between preparing for the first annual TroutFest and a week of stay-cation, it’s been a while since we’ve had a business of the week! I love when serendipity steps in and throws what you need right into your lap; Monday night’s yoga class was held at Silk Road Traveler, and I knew from the moment I walked in that I had to feature them.

Estella Priede is the proprietor of what is actually a foundation (see and/or, which maintains a storefront in downtown Blue Ridge, dedicated to ‘promoting the essence of oneness.’

Their website describes their offerings in a manner that I cannot improve upon...

Silk Road Traveler, nestled in the mountain city of Blue Ridge, Georgia, invites you to come and discover this enchanting specialty store, designed to be an enlightening shopping experience, where you can find products focused on enhancing your well-being, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We carry one of a kind jewelry pieces, made by local artists out of semi-precious stones and sterling silver, and our unique jewelry gathered from the four corners of the earth. Along with our distinctive gifts, fair trade artifacts, chimes and other singular items for the home and garden, we carry lanterns and specialty candles to light your cabins. We carry aromatherapy oils and homeopathic remedies, as well as natural lotions and soaps to soothe your body. Incenses to enhance your meditation and well being, and videos, audios, music and books, all by cutting-edge new thought artists and writers, to entertain and enlighten you.

When you enter the store, the first thing you notice is how calm and soothing it is. Gorgeous wind chimes hang by the front window to the left (I’m exceptionally partial to the ones with the small brass bells, although I’ve not met many wind chimes I don’t love.) Beyond those are a series of beautiful fountains, perfect to add calming energy to your home.

An entire wall is dedicated to the most delicious Voluspa candles in an array of scents to provide aromatherapy for whatever your body requires. Voluspa candles are crafted from coconut wax, which is made by hydrogenation of coconut oil (the same process is used to create soy wax candles from soy oil), and burns 90% cleaner than soy. Coconut wax accommodates large volumes of fragrance, and unlike soy, does not interfere with the fragrance notes. The candles are pesticide free and use 100% cotton wicks (this is important, friends: never burn candles with leaded wicks.)

The right wall of the store is focused on beautiful clothing, scarves and jewelry. Plan to linger a while, because there is much to take in! In the back of the store you’ll find a wide selection of books on so many topics. Food for the mind, soul, spirit, heart: whatever you’re looking for, she’ll have something to recommend!

I went home with a sampling of the amazing incense/fragrant wood and my house smells F-I-N-E fine! The lavender incense calms and centers, pinon wood fills the air with the scent of fresh southwest pine, and Palo Santo, or Holy Wood, well, that one you just have to go get and enjoy yourself. It’s hard to describe.

You’ll also find an amazing array of stunning music, from Indian drums to serene meditation CDs, all performed by world class artists. If you hear something playing in the store during your visit that you just love, ask! Estella’s knowledge base is insane and she’ll be happy to assist you.

Wall hangings, greeting cards, Tibetan singing bowls, pendulums, fine soaps, natural gemstones: there is so much to see and experience here. The goal is simple: find something that feeds your soul, celebrate oneness, peace, acceptance and joy. Create a more serene space. Or, just get a really great shirt. It’s all good.

Estella opens up the store for Yin Yoga class with Joanne Yates (highly recommended!) on Monday nights, and other classes in a variety of topics throughout the summer. Follow them on Facebook at Silk Road Traveler for announcements of upcoming events, and shop when you’re not in town at

Silk Road Traveler is located next to Danielle’s Great Eats, at 611 E Main Street, Blue Ridge, GA. You may reach Estella by phone at 706.946.6294. Stop in and enjoy her beautiful spirit/energy and pick up something that makes your heart happy. Enjoy!

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